Michael Carolina's
(highly selective)
Guide to Great Rhode Island Restaurants

No Michael Carolina mystery is quite complete without a visit to at least one restaurant, preferably more. You never know who you might meet, (The Speaker of the Rhode Island House in ROGUE'S ISLES) or whether your dinner companion might embarrass you (Reverend Rasmus ordered sick goose meat in ROGUE'S JUSTICE) or even how the evening will turn out (very well, when Michael and Carla get together in ROGUE'S WAGER). But you can usually count on a great meal.

What follows, in no particular order, are some of the restaurants that Michael prefers. Some have been featured in the Carolina novels. Some may be in the future, depending on how things go. All are recommended. The author, of course, assumes no liability if one or all of these places closes without notice. And remember, Michael C. doesn't get an advertising fee:

THE CAPITAL GRILLE---Located in what used to be the Providence train station, this place serves lots and lots of red meat, has a great wine list, and is a favorite spot for power lunches and dinners among Rhode Island politicos. If you know who to look for, you just might spot a mayor or a state senator, or even a governor under indictment. 1 Cookson Plaza, Providence, Rhode Island 02903. (401) 521-5600.

POT AU FEU---The best French restaurant in Rhode Island, run by Robert Burke, a bow-tied bonvivant with a flair for fine food and good conversation. Michael swears by the pate de foie grois and the creme brulee, not to mention the sauce bearnaise. 44 Custom House Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02903. (401) 273-8953.

THE GATEHOUSE---On the river on Providence's East Side, you can see the shells from the Brown crew at the right time of the year. And, of course, there's the occasional body floating past. This is Rhode Island after all. Fine continental food, splendid setting, a little bit pricey. 4 Richmond Square, Providence, RI 02906. (401) 521-9229.

GEOFF'S---On Benefit Street, near the Rhode Island School of Design and the courthouses. This deli makes great sandwiches, named after famous and infamous Rhode Islanders, including a pepperoni and Italian concoction once known as the Michael Carolina. The staff are arrogant, uncouth and hilarious. Pickles are free. 163 Benefit Street, Providence, RI 02903. (401) 751-2248.

ECLECTIC GRILLE---On Atwells Avenue, in the heart of Federal Hill. This is a classy joint, youse know what I'm sayin'? Actually, the food is excellent, the service fine, and it's tough getting in on the weekends, so call ahead. 245 Atwells Avenue, Providence, RI 02909. (401) 831-8010.

KABOB N' CURRY---Rhode Island has a ton of Indian restaurants. This is the best. Michael likes the Bara Kabob, but everything is good. Located on Thayer Street, near the Avon Cinema, and the Brown and College Hill bookstores. 261-261 Thayer Street, Providence, RI 02906. (401) 273-8844.

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